'Hawaii Five-0' Sneak Peek: Watch out, Max

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Our favorite quirky medical examiner Max Bergman (Masi Oka) is the central star in this next episode, in which the Five-0 team helps him track down a murderer who is also a shadowy figure from his past.

The Plot: A murder case hits close to home for Max when he is convinced that The Trashman, a serial killer with ties to his past, is on the loose. In order to convince Five-0 of his suspicions, Max reveals shocking information about his childhood. (Photo: Norman Shapiro/CBS)

Spooky! Not much to look at, locations-wise:

  • The initial crime scene is situated in the fields of Waialua, on Oahu's north shore.

Difficult to extract more filming locations from the video and the photos, but we'll see more on Monday. You can, as always, fly to all the top locations from Season 1 (updating with Season 2) on our "Hawaii Five-0" page on 3DHawaii.com.

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