'Hawaii Five-0' Scene Spotting — Beyond the DMZ

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

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Big story arc came in for a landing as Jenna Kaye returned, part of Wo Fat's plot to snare McGarrett and get him to spill the beans on "Shelbourne." We still don't know, and he still doesn't know, and — curses! — he got away to deploy more dastardly deeds in future episodes. But McGarrett was heroically rescued from his clutches by the gang and a few hard-core friends — plus, a slightly inebriated helicopter pilot played by Jimmy Buffett. (Photo: Norman Shapiro/CBS.)

As for the filming locations:

  • Waikiki at night down Kalakaua Avenue.
  • Our vic is walking nervously through the streets of Chinatown.
  • Quick shots of Kaena Point, the Diamond Head Lighthouse, the offshore islands near the Kalaupapa Peninsula (Molokai) and Kualoa Ranch.
  • Quick shot of the backside of Waikiki by the Ala Wai canal to Aliiolani Hale.
  • Quick shot of Kamehameha Highway flying toward Chinaman's Hat.
  • McGarrett meets Jenna at Kualoa Beach Park, next to Chinaman's Hat.
  • Kamehameha Statue, downtown Honolulu, looking bold.
  • Quick shots of Honolulu and the Capitol Building.
  • The Five-0 gang and Joe White and friends rendezvous at the Castle & Cooke Aviation facility for the "humanitarian mission" to North Korea.
  • As for the North Korea stand-ins, looks to be a combination of Kualoa Ranch on the Windward side and Waialua and Pupukea on the North Shore (could see the distinctive mountains for each, but the cameramen were pretty careful not to shoot horizons). But they did fly over a pineapple field as they crossed the "DMZ." The scenes used a blue-green filter that "cooled" the look of the land, made it less tropical.

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The Quotable Danno

  • "I know you wanna put on the cape and save the day, but this is not a pole jumper to Lanai."
  • "I'm more of a margarita guy myself." — to Jimmy Buffett (har har har)
  • "You have a chicken nesting in your helicopter, sir."

And a special quotable shout-out to McGarrett:

  • "I'll think about you the whole time." — to Danno, when he's leaving on his secret mission

The Clip

The big rescue, a heart-pounding affair.

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