'Hawaii Five-0' Scene Spotting: Body blow! Body blow!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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Wo Fat returns to grease Cmdr. White (unsuccessfully), Chuck Lidell made McGarrett's spit fly in the ring, and McGarrett chased an aspiring MMA champ across the rooftops of Kakaako in Honolulu. Big action, everyone still breathing?

(Photo: Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos) goes after Cmdr. White (Terry Q'Quinn). "Lost" fans everywhere screamed "Get him, John!" Or, at least, this writer did. Norman Shapiro/CBS.)

Here's where they filmed:

  • Quick shots of Punchbowl and the Waikiki waterfront, including the Sheraton Waikiki and Royal Hawaiian.
  • Blaisdell Arena is where Chuck Lidell gets the drop on McGarrett's poor jaw.
  • Magic Island is where we meet Kensi Blye of NCIS: Los Angeles, in town to help McGarrett and White crack the audioless video of McGarrett's father. Remember "Shelbourne."
  • They didn't show but did reference the Rainbow loco moco. Visit Rainbow Drive-In on your next visit to get yours.
  • Quick shot of Kahala behind Diamond Head, but the house where they actually filmed the murder scene was once again in North Kailua.
  • Quick shot of the edge of Lanikai followed by the Kamehameha Statue (nice crop, the King looks mean up close) and Aliiolani Hale downtown.
  • They interview the home invasion couple at Shokudo (great honey toast!)
  • Board of Water Supply building on Beretania filled in for Dr. Max Bergman's office.
  • Definitely not Manoa Valley in the quick shot, but the Martell's home was in Manoa Valley.
  • McGarrett chases the aspiring MMA athlete from the Advertiser building across the rooftops of Kakaako. Nice action sequences.
  • Last scene: Mikoto's house is up on Tantalus, a mountain behind Honolulu.

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The Quotable Danno

  • You need a helmet, not a mouth guard."
  • "You gotta sell a lot of misoyaki butterfish to buy a place like this."
  • "This guy's vocabulary doesn't stray too far from 'lawyer.'"
  • "That's not going to happen, I like my gun."
  • "Do not engage in hand to hand combat, do you remember that?"
  • "It's charity. Don't get up."

Looking forward: "Shelbourne." What does it mean and why was Mikoto tortured by Wo Fat over it? Stay tuned.

The Clip

Great action sequence. Don't let the man's age fool you — those years on The Island fighting The Others whittled Terry O'Quinn into a fighting machine.

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