'Hawaii Five-0' Scene Spotting: The governor's in on it, Wo Fat's running it

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


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A deadly blast kicks off the finale: Wo Fat making a statement. Photo: CBS.


Leave it to the writers to deliver a nailbiter for the Season One finale. The conspiracy broadens and two of our Five-0 team are caught in the crosshairs. And then Danno loses Rachel... again. Let's fly to the locations as Wo Fat's noose tightens:


We start with Elvis singing "The Hawaiian Wedding Song" against the backdrop of scene location favorites Kualoa Ranch and the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific at Punchbowl, panning to Danno's apartment, where he and Rachel are watching "Blue Hawaii and he proclaims only two people in the world could pull off Elvis' white shirt-white pants-red-sash-and-lei combo, and he's one of them. (We might just give that to him.)


Pan to the old Honolulu Advertiser building that has played Honolulu Police Department HQ all season, where Chin Ho learns the money Five-0 stole from the police locker — which they thought Wo Fat henchman Victor Hesse burned — was recovered and serial numbers were going to be run. 


Quick shots of the King Kamehameha statue and Aliiolani Hale (Five-0 HQ), where Gov. Jameson and her safety liaison, Laura Hills, has just pow-wowed with Five-0. Nice to see local actress Kelly Hu again, but it's short-lived: her car explodes, a signature Wo Fat take out.


Quick shot of Ford Island and Pearl Harbor, then to a Pearl City (not sure of true location) military supplies warehouse — bombs stolen from a local military base were allegedly taken by a worker there. Alleged turns out to be spot-on as he tries to outrun McGarrett and Danno. Which, naturally, doesn't work out well for him when he gets a face full of Mace.



C'mon, you know Wo, and I know you know Wo — Danno interrogates the perp. Photo: Mario Perez/CBS.


Our perp insists under Mace-induced questioning that he sold the bombs to Steve McGarrett. And that's what we call a plot twist, folks.


We pan to the governor's mansion on Beretania Street (yes, the real one) in Honolulu, where McGarrett and Danno turn over Five-0's dossier on Wo Fat to Gov. Jameson. But during the convo, McGarrett notices an old desk that looks to be a perfect match for an old key returned to him among the multiple yellow envelopes he's been anonymously receiving, each with evidence from his father's old locker that was stolen by the yakuza. Is the governor in on it?


Meanwhile, their one witness, the bomb stealer, is killed in protective custody. (Street looks to be in lower Kalihi Valley.) With McGarrett's suspicion running at its peak, he breaks into the mansion when the governor's out and — sure enough — the leaker of the evidence is our now deceased Laura Hills. Did the governor have her killed to silence her?


Meanwhile, Danno meets Rachel at Sand Island Beach Park with the lighted silhouette of Aloha Tower Marketplace in the backdrop — and learns he's about to be a daddy again. They make plans to leave Hawaii the next night.



But first! Back to the Bayer Estate in Aina Haina (McGarrett's home), where Danno catches up with McGarrett on the mounting evidence against the governor — including Laura Hills' datebook with Tuesdays free because the governor always has a standing lunch with the HPD chief at Turtle Bay on those days. (In a word, unlikely: It's an hour out of town. But nevermind.) Those were the days McGarrett was getting pieces of evidence back. 


Back at Aliiolani Hale, the fix is in. McGarrett's fingerprints are found all over Laura Hills' house, and the HPD is there to arrest him. He gets away — natch. A quick shot of Diamond Head as we pan to McGarrett's sick black Marquis heading up what looks to be the back of Palolo Valley to Kamekona's place, where he's stashed a small arms depot in a shave ice truck. (Like you do.) Armed, McGarrett confronts the governor in her office after dispatching her security detail. She confesses, just as Wo Fat gets the drop him with a Tazer. He then shoots the governor with McGarrett's gun, places it back in McGarrett's palm, and exits smoothly. And that's why he's Wo Fat.


McGarrett: Arrested. The serial numbers on the cash and an eyewitness lead to Kono's arrest. Chin Ho sums it up for Danno: There is no Five-0 anymore:



We end with a lovely shot of Kalakaua Avenue in Waikiki at night, then Honolulu International Airport, where Rachel and Gracie get on a plane for Newark, leaving the absent Danno behind.


And that's a wrap! It goes without saying, but ... to be continued! See you in the Fall.


The Quotable Danno

  • image"The King's hair game was flawless." — on Elvis in "Blue Hawaii"
  • "Well, I hope you like it. This is what it's gonna look like when you die. This is your heaven." — to McGarrett at the military supplies store
  • "Okay, I'll take the pepper spray, my buddy wants the powdered eggs." — to the bomb thief after Danno Maced him.
  • "Aw, yeah, it was beautiful. What are you the host of 'Antiques Roadshow'? No. What's the matter with you?" — to McGarrett after he asked Danno if he noticed the 18th-century desk in the governor's office.
  • "Of the Top Ten Dopiest Ideas you've ever had, this is number one with a bullet." — to McGarrett, who tells him he's going to break into the governor's mansion to find evidence against her.
  • "Why are you dressed like a ninja?" — to McGarrett

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