'Hawaii Five-0' Scene Spotting: Poison, explosions, car chase — just another day

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


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Five-0 gets a lead on Wo Fat's whereabouts at a fancy-pants mansion in Kahala, but instead find his henchman Tsing Min and a bomb. And another murder three doors down. Photo: CBS.


imageThis episode seemed especially action packed for a series that is king of the genre, and our multiple story threads are slowly weaving together as we near the season finale. For this one, definitely buckle your seat belts as we fly:


The Five-0 unit and a SWAT team track down Kingpin of Evil Wo Fat to a home in Kahala, but the front door is booby trapped and blows them up. McGarrett darts in to find Fat's lil' buddy Sang Min, who was attempting a pre-emptive strike against his employer. A daring second-floor jump to the lawn with guns a'blazing. They chase him to another home on the block. Sang Min gets away, but they've found a body in this home — and bonus, it's contagious. Danno's the unlucky sod who's sickened and it's off to the Hawaii Medical Center. Thanks to the brisk work of CIA agent Jenna Kaye, they discover sarin gas is the poison. Danno recuperates.


Quick overhead of Aloha Tower (she got three filmed shoutouts in this episode), then to Sacred Hearts Academy where McGarrett picks up Gracie to deliver to Danno. While there he gets a call from Sang Min (atop Aliiolani Hale) who wants to make a deal. (Sidebar with Sang: Making deals with McGarrett infinitely easier if you don't shoot at him. For future reference since you've got a recurring role.)


The body is ID'ed, and Chin Ho meets with the man's daughter at Kewalo Basin. The man was a squatter in a rich Mainland couple's vacation home, and died after drinking sarin-laced milk. After speaking with the couple, attention turns to the caretaker of the home who had just bought groceries. They discover him at Downbeat Diner, a new joint on Hotel Street in Chinatown. Kono and Chin Ho chase him out the back and bring him in (props to Kono's garbage can lid slam), but on questioning it's clear he's not the perp. On the other hand, another fingerprint lifted from the hidden house key leads to the brother-in-law of the homeowner, who also happens to be his warring business partner.


Dum Dum DAH!!


Quick overhead of the Hilton Hawaiian Village to the Keola Lai condo and into the elegant offices of... somehwere in downtown Honolulu. (My money is this was the First Hawaiian Building, they were filming in the MVNP offices a few weeks ago.) The two-faced bro-in-law insists he's only carrying on an affair with his secretary there, that he's not part of a murder conspiracy to take out his business partner.


Meanwhile, the sarin gas is matched to an attack by a Russian terrorist five years ago — the same Russian terrorist who landed in Hawaii five days ago. (I believe that's what you call a promising lead.) Overhead of the Ala Wai Boat Harbor swooping down onto Waikiki. The Russian isn't in his hotel room, but Kono caught him using his credit card at a downtown ATM. Bring on the chase scene!



Nice footwork here throughout downtown Honolulu: up Bethel Street, onto the sidewalk park next to the Hawaii Theatre, down the alley next to Arts at Marks Garage. A gunfight down another alley ensues and the Russian is felled by his own punctured sarin canister. Like Osama, justice is done.


But who hired the Russian? We get a quick shot of Ala Moana Beach Park as we return to the bro-in-law's office and Suspect No. 1. But it turns out he couldn't have hired him: He was gone to the Big Island when the Russian's calls to the office were made. It was the secretary! She's captured, and fortunately for everyone she doesn't ask for a lawyer or assert her 5th Amendment right, she just cops to all of it. Convenient for the sake of wrapping things up in an hour.


They wrap with a brilliant Honolulu skyline time elapse, which I'm hoping against hope that CBS will post!



imageThe Quotable Danno + Jenna

Not that Danno can't hold his own when he's nearly killed by sarin gas, but nonetheless spreading the love to CIA agent Kaye to fill out our list of quotables:

  • Danno: "You'll learn about it one day when you're 35." — to Gracie, when she asks "What's a hangover?"
  • Danno: "Did you kidnap Miley Cyrus and put her in your backpack or is that a cell phone?" — to Gracie
  • Jenna: "Last time I checked the CIA wasn't super keen on the whole personal vendetta thing." — about her uncertainty of continued employment after taking leave to track down Wo Fat, her fiance's killer
  • Jenna: "The secretary? That's original."



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