'Hawaii Five-0' Scene Spotting: Diddy drops in

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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Sean Combs guest starred as a New York detective who must catch his wife's killer. Photo: CBS.



Because Wo Fat and Hiro Noshimura are not enough crime lords for one island, we're importing one from the Big Apple — and a rap mogul on top of that. Let's fly to the locations while Five-0 solves another dastardly crime:


A lovely montage of Hawaii imagery set against Diddy's (aka Combs') "Coming Home," including time elapse of Honolulu from Tantalus and Honolulu International Airport. We pan to Kailua Beach, where detective Reggie Cole (Combs) sneaks away from FBI undercover detail on a New York crime boss to visit his wife and son. Thanks to an FBI leak, the wife is killed in a pre-dawn attack by two men that Cole survives.


We soar over the Bayer Estate in Aina Haina (McGarrett's digs), where Kamekona is cooking a SPAM breakfast (and, yes, it is the "Nectar of the Islands" — bear witness at the upcoming Waikiki SPAM Jam.) McGarrett gets the call on the Kailua Beach shooting, Five-0 is on the case.


Quick shot overhead of Ala Moana Beach Park and we're back to Kailua, where the evidence gathering process begins: shoe prints, bullet casings, "spiderman" Kono grabbing Department of Parks and Recreation video from a coconut tree — the usual stuff. After regrouping at Aliiolani Hale (Five-0 HQ) and visiting Cole in the hospital, they pay a visit to the crime boss in question, Jimmy Cannon, at an elegant home in Kahala.


And that's where it gets funny:



After Cole goes missing from the hospital, McDanno track him to a stolen police car dumped in Pearl City. Couldn't verify that myself, but a strong shot of the Arizona Memorial and USS Missouri led into it. From there, they find one of the two shooters dead in a car in what the show tagline said was Waipahu but looked a little too "country" for that. Cole's looking guiltier of justifiable homicide — and at that moment he pays McGarrett a call from Tantalus (from the Papakolea side of the mountain). "Stay outta my way, McGarrett." Well, we know that's not going to happen.


imageThey set up a sting at Ala Moana Beach Park, which Cole watches from the parking lot of Ala Moana Center across the street — just where Five-0 expects to, and does, nab him. During interrogation, Cole protests he wasn't the killer. Ballistics proves him right. They team up to find the other killer (great chase scene through plantation housing!) and almost capture him by garage — that would be a garage roof coming down when McGarrett sideswipes it with the 'stang. The perp goes for the gun and is shot, but not before believing his reckoning with the Almighty if he doesn't 'fess up to Cole. Jimmy Cannon's son did it.


Dum dum dahhhhh....


We're back to Kahala to arrest the nerdy looking son in the checkered button down who's really a bloodthirsty killer protecting his inheritance from an FBI investigation. Back at Aliiolani Hale, Cole is welcomed back to be a cop in Hawaii with Five-0. Will we see P. Diddy again? Season 2 or 3 will tell...



ImageThe Quotable Danno

  • "You've been hanging out with McGarrett too long." — To Kono when she breaks into the Parks video box
  • "Every time you do that, something terrible happens." — To McGarrett when he puts both hands on the wheel before crashing into a Kahala home
  • "Bad news for the Jimmy department — Reggie's alive." — delivering the news of Cole's survival to crime boss Jimmy Cannon
  • "The book? Which book would that be? 'War and Peace,' minus the peace part?" — To McGarrett, when he says he's going to "play this one by the book."





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