'Five-0' Scene Spotting: A fishy murder

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

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Hiking, check. Petroglyphs, check. Crime scene, of course. Photo: CBS.


Five-0 has returned after three long weeks! (It's okay, some of us went on vacation.) But the unit is back with a murder to solve. Seems you can't go hiking in your black jeans without stumbling over a body. To the locations:


We start with every imaginable angle of Kualoa Ranch, looking greener than ever after our rainy season (I think we all got lost in that moment with McGarrett overwhelmed with the view). Danno and McGarrett are hiking and discover a body with fish scales around a gunshot wound.



After quick stop at Five-0 HQ at Aliiolani Hale we're on our way to Honolulu Harbor (Pier 38) to talk to the victim's son... and another boat captain who got into a beef with the victim earlier — with a sizable load of meth and a gun, this perp looks promising, but he turns out to be a dead end. (But an excellent showcase for Danno and Chin Ho to out-snark the other.)



When ballistics and sashimi collide. Iron Chef Morimoto helps McGarrett and Danno recover evidence at his restaurant. Photo: CBS.


The fish scales around the victim's wound belong to a rare fish: the only catch that day was sold to famed chef Masaharu Morimoto — the real one, at his eponymous restaurant at the Waikiki Edition. The Iron Chef had a little more iron than usual in this fish: a 38-caliber bullet. Ballistics reveal the gun registered to the father of a man accused of strangling a girl over Spring Break.


Turns out our vic was working a second job at the airport (looked like a private jet hangar at HNL, not Waialua) to help his family, and discovered the son was ferreted out of the country by his father to escape justice. The victim was killed for taking the flight manifest, found in his locker at the airport. They arrest the father at a large plantation-style home in Diamond Head — but for my money it looked like Manoa.


We end with beautiful overhead shots of the Ala Wai Boat Harbor at dusk, Kalakaua Avenue and Waikiki at night, then the Hilton Hawaiian Village for live music and the Friday night fireworks.


imageThe Quotable Danno

  • "What's wrong with an old-fashioned baseball game?" — to McGarrett while hiking Kualoa Ranch.
  • "I'd rather you not catch me if I fall."
  • Not a quote, but an honorable mention to Danno's gesturing I HEART YOU with his hands while McGarrett is being rescued by the chopper.
  • "Circle of life, babe." — to Sol the meth perp after Chin Ho mentions the larger drug dealers are going to "chop you up into little pieces of poke and feed you to the sand sharks."

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