'Five-0' Scene Spotting: The 'H' word blows up

Monday, October 25, 2010

I didn't do a count on how many times "haole" made it into this week's episode, but it was more than a handful. It means foreigner, but commonly refers to white people. It's starting to rub our favorite necktied detective Danno Williams (Scott Caan) the wrong way, but if he picks up enough tabs at the Hilton Hawaiian Village's Tropics Bar & Grill, maybe he can make inroads for all of us seeking greater understanding. Like beers at the White House with Obama and Biden.

Meanwhile, let's fly:

Shane Becker via Creative Commons.

The Coral Prince surf contest was at Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore, above. They filmed this summer when the north shore is flat — you could see it was like a windless lake between surfing scenes. They filmed somewhere on the south shore for those: maybe Kewalos?

Kono (Grace Park, right) tends to Ian Bass, a local surf magnate who was murdered during the surf contest by a sharp shooter. Ian Bass was played by Mark Cunningham, a local surfer and lifeguard. Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS

D'arcy Norman via Creative Commons.

Had a quick shot of the breakwater at Waikiki Beach, above, before McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) and Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim) went offroading in the hills above Pupukea on the North Shore. Lots of 4-wheelers and dirt bikers use the roads back there; you can see more of that landscape by hiking the Kaunala Trail, below. While up there, McGarrett and Chin Ho discover evidence that the "kapu" gang was at work there and may be tied in to the murder. Kapu means forbidden. I'll accept a gang called "kapu," but the gang was once cocaine runners and went legit to go after surf contest money? Okay...


Where the murdered surfer's son, Ben, was collecting water samples was said to be Waimea Bay, but it was definitely coastal Portlock, next to Hawaii Kai. You could see Hawaii Loa Ridge in the distance (and our mysterious single apartment building that stood out during the gambling scene in Episode 2. Aha!).

Quick shot of Duke Kahanamoku's statue before flying over to the Hilton for Blue Hawaiians at Tropics. The Hilton Hawaiian Village doesn't seem like the kind of place even a "legit" gang named kapu would hang, but maybe they're eyeing the vacation rentals market.

Max Kiesler via Creative Commons.

We head back to the North Shore where Kono connects with Ben at a tent city next to Kawela Bay, above, near the Turtle Bay Resort. Then it looks like McGarrett and Danno (Scott Caan) take a meeting with "kapu" cronies atop a parking garage in Iwilei, maybe the Dole Cannery?

(I hope everyone had a nice laugh over the Katonk Car Repair. Not a katonk in sight! Maybe they were just giving "haole" a break.)

The car chase was up in the hills on the Windward side — you could see the Mokapu Peninsula in the distance — probably Kualoa Ranch. After interrogating the "kapu" perps, they arrested the sharp shooter next to the Keola Lai condo complex behind the Honolulu Advertiser building, across from Lex Brodie's.

Travis Thurston via Creative Commons.

And Waimea Bay, above, was correctly ID'ed for the surfer's prayer circle at the end of the episode. And nice having "Hawaii '78" from Braddah Iz in the background.

The Quotable Danno

  • "I got something against sharks, skin cancer, anything involving my daughter wearing a bikini."
  • "Oh, protection from the haoles, I get it."
  • "There it is again, the H word."
  • "I'm not scared, I'm rationally concerned."

'Five-0' Map Mashup

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