'Five-0' Scene Spotting: Murder by imu

Monday, November 08, 2010

A reminder to all you Scene Spotters: You can now fly to one site on 3DHawaii.com that includes all the major filming locations on Oahu: Find it here » One link flies you there, then you can fly among all the locations in 3D –– it's our one-stop-shop of "Hawaii Five-0." Enjoy!

Meanwhile, the show traveled all over Oahu in last night's episode while Danno got to shine as the "hot head" we all knew him to be as he tracked the killer of his former partner. Let's fly:

First, the luau was at Paradise Cove, and they used the actual imu (underground oven) and cast of the show for the scene where they discovered a cop, burnt to a crisp. Our greeter at the luau, above, was one of the fire-knife dancers. Learn more at Paradise Cove: Unleashed » I can confirm cop is not on the menu there. But excellent spread of kalua pork, chicken and fish.

Delicious quick shots of Diamond Head, Aloha Tower and what looked like Bellows Beach out in Waimanalo. The cluster of windsurfers was likely off Diamond Head.

Achim Hepp/Creative Commons

McDanno talks to the IA agent at the driving range at the Ala Wai Golf Course, above.

The Honolulu Advertiser plays yet another role: Honolulu Police headquarters. The foyer was painted yellow and a wall was thrown up — presumably to divide it from the "coroner's office" and "Halawa Correctional Facility" out back.

McDanno meets with a cop, played by Jason Scott Lee, at a shrimp truck positioned in the parking lot of the Ala Wai Boat Harbor, next to the Great Lagoon at Hilton Hawaiian Village, a.k.a the Kahiko Hotel.

Neil Jacobs/CBS

The shave ice stand where they get the 411 on coke-dealing art man Bronson Pinchot was positioned on Kalakaua Avenue across from Fort DeRussy Park. Was the art house (seen at left with Chin Ho and Kono) the old Nike store on Kalakaua?

Pinchot was lashed to McDanno's Chevy and driven through Chinatown onto King Street heading back toward Waikiki. I didn't place the sign when they entered the circular garage, but it definitely wasn't the top of a parking garage in Waikiki, as postulated last week. Looks like it might've been Dole Cannery again.

Kyle Nishioka/Creative Commons

JJ Dolans, above, finally gets its debut as an HPD-friendly bar, with plenty of plugs for Primo brew. (Although, really, that is the place to go for a perfectly poured Guinness draft, just sayin'.)

When Danno is exiting the Halawa Correctional facility he is, in fact, walking into the back parking lot of the Advertiser building. We see a quick shot of Aliiolani Hale (Five-0 HQ) before flying up to the North Shore for the coffee plantation show down, below.

Neil Jacobs/CBS

Neil Jacobs/CBS

The perp who helped Danno nail bad cop Jason Scott Lee got a glimpse of his family playing at Ala Moana Beach Park before Danno escorted him back to Halawa.

Danny's old partner's home: Tough to place, but you can see some surrounding neighborhood and a descending ridge of homes in the distance during the memorial scene at the end. My guess is Pacific Heights, but I'll have to take another look. It may be Manoa on account of how green the neighborhood was.

The Quotable Danno

He's off the cane and feisty! A sampling:

• "Give us a name, a number, I'll settle for a haiku, just point us in the right direction." — Danno to the IA agent
• "Any issues? No issues, Oprah." — to McGarrett
• "He didn't talk before. Now he's doing life and we're going to ask him the same questions? What, are we going to say 'Pretty please?'" — to McGarrett
• "Your honor, he's guilty. Why? Smoke." — to McGarrett when he tossed up the "Where there's smoke" softball.

'Five-0' Map Mashup

A compendium of filming locations to date.

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