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Monday, January 17, 2011

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We've got a John-Doe-in-the-Box, more wisecracks from Danno (with a brilliant leap-and-roll out the passenger side door of the McGarrettmobile) and spectacular Hawaiian scenery — all hail Mondays! Let's get to it:

The Ala Wai Boat Harbor — but imagine a swooping, stunning helicopter shot. Photo: 3DTravel, Inc.

We start with a high-speed car chase off Farrington Highway on the outskirts of Kapolei on the Leeward side, then flash to quick shots of the Ala Wai Boat Harbor (above), the Hilton Hawaiian Village and the Kahala neighborhood near Diamond Head before rolling to McGarrett's (Alex O'Loughlin) house.

Punchbowl and Honolulu. Photo: Travis Thurston/Creative Commons.

A quick shot of Punchbowl (above) and the H-1 Freeway heading west as we rejoin the car accident where a grisly discovery is made: a severed head in a cardboard box. Quick shots of Kahala and the Ala Wai canal lead us to Aliiolani Hale, where Five-0 starts unraveling the puzzle.

Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim) and Kono (Grace Park) hot wire the GPS from the wrecked car from inside the Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor (provided a nice backdrop to the scene, though it was a little odd with the WWII-era aircraft), while Danno (Scott Caan) and McGarrett roll out to Waipahu to learn more about the now dead driver from the wreck. It leads them to a junkyard — I'm open to suggestions where that is, couldn't guess — where they find his father and son.

Do you know this head? Kono and Chin Ho query Chin Ho's ex in an awkward exchange. Photo: Neil Jacobs/CBS.

The father IDs his son at the coroner's office (played this time by the Department of Water Supply on Beretania Street). Rejoining Kono and Chin Ho, we fly over Pearl Harbor and land at the Hawaii Medical Center, where we meet Chin Ho's ex-wife — and another layer is peeled away. The man was being treated there for cancer — the ID on the head is made.

Quick shots of a valley, a fly-over snap of a suburban housing development, then floating down to street level and the vic's house — could be Kapolei, Ewa Beach, Waikele: hard to isolate. Anyone?

The victim's house, ransacked, shows no trace of his wife. A clue takes them to a house on the Windward side (they're seen driving along Kalanianaole Highway with Olomana in the rear-view mirror) — where they find a bloody hand saw and champagne glasses with the bubbly still bubbly. These people know how to party.

McDanno learns from Chin Ho's GPS investigation the destination of the head/box — not out in Kapolei where the accident happened, but an office downtown (corner of Nuuanu Avenue and Ala Moana Boulevard, across from Murphy's). There, they meet a businessman who drives off in a rush to Honolulu Harbor (left, Neil Jacobs/CBS) with large suitcases. It was a money drop. (And was it just me, or were the boys a little slow to pick up on that?) They gun down the pick-up agent — who turns out to have been the guy who rented the car used in the accident at the top of the episode.

Where does this all lead? To a femme fatale, played by local star Amanda Schull (best known as a former dancer in the San Francisco Ballet and for her starring role in "Center Stage") — sitting alone at the Honolulu Airport. She was the missing wife, the downtown businessman was her father, the car renter/pick-up man was the boyfriend, and Five-0 foiled her $5 million extortion of daddy and getaway to extradition-free Paris. C'est la vie, ma cherie. Until next week!

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The Quotable Danno

  • "I think it got played out with the high-five, the bro hug." — answering McGarrett on why he didn't knock coming in to his house.
  • "Really, Steve?" — when McGarrett pulls the severed head out of the box by the hair.
  • "No pun intended." — Responding to a business complex being the head's "final destination."
  • Let's get a plate lunch and call it a day." — Sarcastically referring to McGarrett's certainty that the dead driver wasn't involved in the crime.
  • "A grande cabeza." — Referring to the head.
  • "That world sounds lovely." — Responding to McGarrett, who said he couldn't be Ponch of "CHiPs" fame, but anything would be possible in a world where McGarrett didn't exist.

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