'Hawaii Five-0' Scene Spotting: Welcome to the jungle

Monday, February 07, 2011

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Quite impressed with the intro to tonight's episode — that fly-down from the atmosphere with that Planet Earth view zooming onto the Aloha State, then Oahu ... it had such a 3DHawaii.com feel! Okay, we're over our Party of One and moving on to hot Hawaii locations — plus we've got separate plot lines putting us on opposite ends of the island, so be ready for some jumping. Let's fly:

We start at a safe house in Kahuku on the northern Windward side of Oahu, but the overhead views clearly have the ridge line of the Kualoa Ranch area. Probably is a mix of the two throughout. The scene is set: a federal witness (played by Mariana Klaveno, the crazy vampire Lorena from "True Blood") scheduled to testify against a drug kingpin goes missing from the safe house, the federal marshal protecting her is dead. Lorena's fangs would've come in handy... too bad.

Pictured: McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) and Chin Ho (Daniel Dae Kim) trek through the forest for their missing witness. Neil Jacobs/CBS.

Break to Danno (Scott Caan) waxing poetic about Liliha Bakery's coco puffs — truly magical desserts, they are — under a banyan tree next to Iolani Palace. Danno takes off when his wife and daughter are involved in a violent carjacking (which looked to have taken place at Kewalo's or Kakaako Waterfront Park, but I didn't get a good look).

After commercial break we get our standard overhead shot of Magic Island swooping over the Ala Wai Boat Harbor onto the Hilton Hawaiian Village (oft used, but still gorgeous), then up to the safe house where the Five-0 unit (sans Danno) is on the case. Kono (Grace Park) heads back into the city while McGarrett and Chin Ho go after our missing witness.

Danno, meanwhile, catches up with his frazzled family at the old Advertiser building, aka HPD headquarters. He's convinced new hubbie Stan is involved in it. Danno is never wrong, but for the sake of drama there is much disbelief.

Kono meets with the federal prosecutor at the ... well, it is a downtown courthouse (picturedabove), but most of us civilian types know it as the big Post Office next to Aliiolani Hale (which plays Five-0 headquarters). Kono then faces off with the drug kingpin's lawyer, played by real life Honolulu defense attorney Michael Green. Guaranteed that made people here smile.

Back to Danno — he takes wife and daughter to their Kahala home — open and ransacked. (Oddly he called in HPD to an address on Kuliouou, which is much further east.) The evidence mounts that Stan's in trouble, but Danno's ex won't believe it.

Back to the jungle: McGarrett and Chin Ho find our witness hiding in a cave. McGarrett dons war paint and goes after one with a rope-swing log (straight out of "Return of the Jedi" — take that, Empire!) while the other two jam out the back. Ostensibly crushing the perp with the log was to, A) make him hurt because this drug thug killed cops, or B) capture him for questioning, or C) both — but I'm not sure why that couldn't have been accomplished in all three cases by shooting the man. I hope "swinging the log" doesn't become the new "jumping the shark." (Photo: Neil Jacobs/CBS)

Back to Danno, who picks up Stan at Honolulu Airport to interrogate him directly about why some heavy is trying to send him a message with the carjacking and the breaking and entering. He fesses up: He's taped Honolulu's housing commissioner trying to extort him, and now the commish is playing the heavy.

Danno tracks the commish down to an old-school diner (couldn't place it myself, but saw a few tweets guessing at the Original Pancake House) where he gives the guy a bit of the Jersey. I don't think he'll be bothering Danno's kid anymore.

Going to the courthouse and she's ... gonna testify. Neil Jacobs/CBS.

Back to the jungle: Chin Ho and the witness are chased down by the remaining drug thugs, along a dangerous ridge line and down to a garage, where Chin Ho dispenses of one with a shovel and they get by the other on a dirt bike from the garage. The other thug gives chase in a truck, but McGarrett gets the drop on him — the old-fashioned way, with a gun. Thank you.

Five-0 successfully delivers the witness to the court to testify against the drug kingpin, but there's a fourth thug, a "cleaner," undercover as a blonde lawyer in the courthouse. Kono's investigation revealed her identity and she gets the drop on her just as she pulls a gun from her garter. Another wild — borderline nuts — ride, we'll see you next week.

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The Quotable Danno

Not many, our boy was very serious in this episode.
• I want no dinner, no appetizers, just a big box of these." — referring to Liliha Bakery coco puffs.
• "I'm working on my anger management issues, my conflict resolution skills." — to Stan, when he appears ready to blow if he doesn't admit he's in trouble.

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